About Us


Foxi Original is a one woman run business.
Hello, I am Zellemari, but I go by Zelle. I am a baby lover, daydream entusiast and fashion student.
I started Foxi Original because I love babies and toddlers and wanted to work with prem babies, but God had other plans. He gave me the idea, of rather than directly working with babies, to dress them in trendy, fashionable clothes and accessories.
I taught myself how to sew in high school and registered Foxi Original in my first year in 2020. I applied all my learned knowledge to my business and still have a lot to apply but what a journey it’s been; studying full time and building a business up from the ground to where it is currently was always the goal, so that I have work and a client base when I graduate. So incredibly grateful for the friends and family I made through Foxi Original.
I do still work with babies though, I am part of a NPO, Rock of Joy and Rock of Love, I have been part of it for 5 years and they are so close to my heart.
Every clothing item or accessory are designed and handmade by myself. I am in my final year of my degree and can’t wait to graduate and give Foxi Original 200% of my attention and growing the team. And with God’s hand in every aspect of my business, praying over every product, collection and order; I know that I was destined to do this and dress your little babies and kids.
When you buy from FO you are supporting a small business and helping a 22 year old pay her studies whilst living out her dream. Welcome to the FO Fam.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
 Zelle xx